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Easy Weeknight Meals + Comfort Food.
All For Those Living Gluten-free and Dairy-free

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I'm so happy you're here!

Where healthy comfort food meets allergies, sensitivities, and digestive issues.

Hi! My name is Cassie. I was born in Minnesota, moved to North Dakota in middle school, and currently live in Detroit Lakes, MN with my husband Daniel, our daughter Finley, and our rescue pup, Kash.

My story with food issues started in 2015. After being sick for about a year, I finally went to a doctor to figure out what was wrong. I struggled to find a doctor that would help my manage my diet rather than go straight to medication. After leaving the major health care system and finding a couple private practice doctors, I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation, a dairy allergy, and multiple intolerances including gluten.

But you know what's incredibly frustrating? These "diagnosis" changed over the years. It wasn't until I found an incredible nutrition coach + a PA in the Gastroenterology department that my health (and life) began to turn around. 

After years of awful bloating and inflammation, a separate set of clothes for "bloating" days, and feeling lethargic most of the time, I was finally taught the correct way to eat for my stomach issues.

I used to struggle with bloating 6 days/week and I am now bloat-free, unless I deserve it, haha!

This food blog was originally a series of notebooks, written in my awful handwriting. After sending photos of recipes to friends and family who are also gluten free and dairy free, having to decrypt my recipes due to said awful handwriting, I finally decided to put the recipes in blog form to share with everyone.

I love helping and answering questions for those new to the gluten free and dairy free life, so feel free to reach out to me, anytime!

Again, I am SO happy you are here!

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Thanks for your interest in My Stomach Hates Me. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

Detroit Lakes, MN

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