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The Perfect Rhubarb Sauce

Are you giving out your leftover rhubarb every year? Freezing it and letting the freezer burn take over until you inevitably throw it away? Waste no more!

This rhubarb sauce was inspired by my Grandma! She makes this every year and when it comes to cooking and baking, I pretty much do everything she does😆

This sauce comes together really quick and and freezes really well. I originally thought about canning this sauce but Grandma swears it holds up best in the freezer and who am I to argue with Grandma?

This is so freaking simple and goes great on:

◻️Coffee cake


◻️Ice cream

◻️Angel food cake

◻️Overnight oats

◻️Warmed up over warm desserts

◻️Cold over cold dessert




This is also great to make sure no fruit goes to waste! I added some frozen peaches and strawberries I had. I had just a handful of each at the bottom of the bag and used it in this sauce! Leftover bananas? Toss 'em in!

Give it a try and of course, let me know what you think or what adjustments you made! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook as well!

▫️5 cups sliced rhubarb

▫️1-2 cups any other fruit you'd like

▫️1/2 cup sugar

▫️1 cup orange juice

▫️1 1/2 cups water

✨Toss it all in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to low and simmer 10-15 minutes. Use submersion blender to smooth the sauce. I like to leave some chunks intact.

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